just mates being mates

by eatingdiaries

Our plans for after work korean fried chicken fell through, so in our quest to try all the restaurants surrounding work, the work kids opted for rice paper scissors – a casual vietnamese eatery I was hearing more and more of, and somewhere BP was known to take his dates.


A grungy hipster vibe in this tiny restaurant, which used to house one of my favourite japanese laneway finds, and wooden crates outside which were to be our dining table for the night.

Menu choices all looked very enticing and straightforward enough – $55 for 2 people with a choice of 5 dishes.

The salad of minced duck and roasted rice was a highlight. Full of fresh herbs and spices, it was a refreshing starter. Also glad to see they didn’t tone down on the chilli.


O.M.G fatty lamb ribs. Marinated in whiskey and slathered with a sticky sauce, these were melt in your mouth tender, but the crispy fatty bits were the best.


Pork belly and slaw – in a sweet caramelised sauce. Would probably rival Red Spice Road’s version.


May not be as good as Supernormal’s lobster rolls, but these were deeelicious alternative. Soft shell crab banh mi in a soft roll filled with fresh herbs and veggies.


Crying Tiger chargrilled beef was beautifully cooked but it was all about the spicy tangy sauce.


Dessert had sounded amazing, but sadly the dish we were looking forward to failed to deliver. Mango sorbet with sticky rice in a bun drizzled with condensed milk and peanuts. All the right ingredients, yet the dish still lacked flavour. Plus, the ice cream tasted like Weiss’ mango sorbet… not that it’s a bad thing..


Surprisingly, the lime granita with coconut ice cream was a refreshing hit.


Always good fun having dinner with the work kids, and the concept and venue was hit. Definitely looking forward to more visits and trying out some of the delicious sounding cocktails.

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