short and sweet.

by eatingdiaries

Excited at the prospect of more cafes closer to home, I was intrigued by the recent review in GoodFood on Bar Sur Loup. Situated in a quiet suburban strip of North Balwyn, I’ve spent many a high school afternoon slurping chocolate milkshakes and iced coffees at the nearby Hahndorf’s.

Visiting on a late weekend afternoon, I was pleasantly surprised by the bright, chic layout, with cushioned window seating, small outdoor tables and of course, the main counter – which displayed sweets, baguettes and ice cream the traditional way with shiny silver domes. I’m keen to come back and sample the salted caramel!


My love for desserts knows no bounds and it was tough choosing between traditional french crepes or belgium waffles. Eventually, waffles won out and they came out topped with lashings of chocolate and fresh strawberries. A lovely serving of two, I was a bit disappointed to find that whilst fluffy and sweet, they lacked the crispiness that I prefer. However, this version was closer to the ones sampled in Paris, and brought back memories of wandering the laneways at the bottom of Sacre Coeur devouring fresh waffles.


Also served with my favourite earl grey tea and a small jug of milk.


Bar Sur Loup already has its followers – from the elderly couple sitting next to us, to the mums with prams and young families stopping by after the park for a quick tea break – and it’s likely I’ll be joining them for more cozy afternoons.

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