golden fields v2.0

by eatingdiaries

I’ve been awaiting the opening of supernormal since I saw the neon cherry lights pop up on flinders lane, and we finally made it here on an early saturday night for date night. Propped up at the bar overlooking the kitchen, this is my ideal spot at an Andrew McConnell restaurant.

Each stool had a bright light, providing a quirky touch and easy to remember table number for service.


We started off with some korean rice cakes to accompany our drinks, along with the complimentary and addictive pumpkin seeds – the perfect bar snack, this was deliciously crunchy, smothered in korean chilli paste and topped with peanuts. I was wishing for more once we demolished this.


Steering away from the infamous lobster roll, which I’d tried numerous times at Golden Fields, we opted for the pork bao. Nothing like what I’d imagined, this was finely shredded pork crumbed and deep fried, topped with sriracha and pickled cucumber. A little difficult to eat, the meat was tender and juicy, and complimented with simple ingredients.

IMG_0713 IMG_0714

We chose another dish that I’ve enjoyed previously, the crispy duck with more of those fluffy steamed baos. The skin was fried to a crispy, yet you could fork out the shredded duck leg underneath. Accompanied by a sweet hoisin sauce, we were recommended to dip this into the sweet and sour vinegar sauce. A satisfying main which is perfect for sharing – even better as a half duck if you come in a large group. My only wish was for an extra steamed bun to even things out!


Our other main was the strip loin & rib of beef. The loin was seared beautifully, with a soft pink and tender which seems so hard to achieve at home for such a difficult cut. The beef rib itself was tender, and smothered in a rich peppery sauce with vegetables which soaked up our brown rice. My favourite part was those deep fried tripe topping, deliciously crunchy and oh so addictive.


Dessert – my favourite part of each night! The dish I’ve missed the most from Golden Fields has made a comeback here – Peanut Butter Parfait, salted caramel, soft chocolate mousse and topped with lots of peanuts. Just as good as I’ve remembered it, the parfait was rich, smooth and creamy with the salted caramel provided some savoury relief to the sweetness. Perfect on a plate.


An enjoyable night out, I’d love to come back with a large group of friends to try more of those large share plates. Yes, it’s more expensive than the usual Asian restaurant I would venture to, but the modern twists in this menu will equate to many repeat visits. An upbeat atmosphere, cheerful service and raucous crowd – the winning formula at all of Andrew McConnell’s restaurants, and Supernormal is no exception.

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