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Headed down to one of my favourite day trip getaway spots – Red Hill for some R&R on the weekend with KW and J.

Foxey’s hangout has become a favourite winery lunch place for its beautiful deck, homely atmosphere and stunning views of the vines and hills (not to mention some lovely pinot).  We nabbed one of the few tables outside and got ready for a long afternoon of great company and food. Quick note on the perfectly timed dishes that were consistently coming out of the kitchen and friendly service we enjoy each time!


Foxey’s offers a long list of tasting plates written up on the chalk board inside. Some constant dishes include the bbq quail and spicy meatballs, but there is a varying range each time we visit.


We started off with some warm and chewy ciabatta bread, accompanied by a crunchy pistachio dukkah and olive oil. The nuttiness of the olive oil complemented the spices and black sesame in the dukkah perfectly. Also ideal for mopping up the sauce and juice on some of our dishes later on.

We began with some slices of seared salmon, from which you could taste the chargrill from the blowtorch, accompanied by a spicy miso mayonnaise. The perfect start to whet your appetite.


Continued on with pear, radicchio and salt cured tuna – which was probably my least favourite dish. Radicchio and pear usually make a great combination of bitter and sweet, but the salt in the tuna and bitter sauteed radicchio  really overwhelmed everything else.


The spicy lamb meatballs definitely had a bit of kick in them, with some yoghurt and parsley providing relief.


The zucchini fritters we agreed were one of our favourite dishes of the day, with a combination of eggplant, pumpkin and zucchini lightly crumbed and topped with a dollop of bitter goats curd and basil. These were soft as you bit into them, and the basil and curd added an extra layer of flavour.


Another classic combination of fresh figs, prosciutto and vincotto. Couldn’t quite taste the vincotto but the sweetness of the juicy figs had me wishing for more.


One of my favourite dishes here is the bbq quail. Ridiculously simple, deboned and chargrilled with a squeeze of lemon, the juiciness of the meat and that slightly pink is one of the reasons I always choose to come back here.


We’d seen plates of the block sized vanilla ice cream, with a thin crispy sable and intensely rich dark chocolate sauce making its rounds in the restaurant and couldn’t resist. Paired with coffee and tea, and that delicious biscotti they serve here, it was the perfect ending to our meal.


Obviously, we couldn’t resist a sneaky visit to Main Ridge Dairy for a quick hello to the goats, a tasting platter, and some cheese to bring home.


Not much can be said about the cheese platter, except that it was a bite sized sample of cheese heaven!

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